Who's Who

Minister: Rev. Sujeeth Kumar

Church Secretary: Dulcie

Dulcie is an Elder and works closely with the Minister, Elders and other officers of the church. She ensures that there is a worship leader each Sunday (pulpit supply), she manages the correspondence, makes sure that meetings are run correctly, maintains church records and has variety of other responsibilities. Dulcie is also the lettings secretary and named registrar for marriages.

Elders: Dulcie, Tina, Sheila, Remi and Patience

A team of leaders who have been elected by the church members as trustees of the Church and called by God to undertake the following:

  • Ensure that public worship, Christian teaching and Holy Communion is offered
  • To build worship teams and develop leadership within the congregation
  • Provide care to the church community and develop a sense of belonging
  • Develop the work among children, young people, organi­sations within the congregation and that safeguarding structures are in place
  • To highlight opportunities for evangelism, witness and service to the local and international community
  • Ensure that buildings are maintained and made good use of by the church and the community.
  • To oversee the finances of the church

More details can be found on the URC website https://www.urc.org.uk

Church Members

Individual Christians who have made a commitment to God and the local church with a belief in God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit. Church members are the governing body of the URC and are therefore the ultimate decision making body of the church. This means that everyone’s voice is heard and their opinion considered. We seek to develop a strong sense of belonging and shared responsibility. Truly to be the body of Christ in the World.

Youth Co-ordinator: Sheila

Co-ordinates all of Vine’s youth work in the church and works with a team of Junior church leaders to provide a varied programme of Christian education using creative methods for children and young people of all ages. At the heart of our work we aim to develop care for each other and a real sense of belonging. All leaders are DBS checked.

Youth Worker: Camilla

Camilla has been Vines youth worker since 2013. She received her Postgraduate Diploma with Professional Qualification in Youth Work and Community Development in 2015. She has organised numerous activities including an annual residential trip to Lambourne End, an annual Holiday Club, fund raising activities, sponsored events, social activities as well as leading Young Disciples – the monthly youth group for young people and young adults.

Camilla’s vision is to enhance the young people’s understanding of the Bible and it’s relevance in 21st century society, to support them on their spiritual journey all whilst having fun!

Board of Management

Chair: Anne

A group of people who, on behalf of the elders, manage the buildings and finances.