Welcome to Vine United Reformed Church

Our Vision

‘Not only to be a worshipping community but also to work with and in the local community’

Vine is part of the United Reformed Church and belongs to the East London Area Group.

Our Mission Statement

  • Vine is a welcoming multi-cultural church called to show the love of God by caring for and serving one another in the church, the local community and the wider world.
  • We trust in the power of the Holy Spirit  to guide and to show where God is leading us.
  •  We are active in living and working with people of all faiths and none. We pray that we may recognise the activity of Christ in the world today.
  • To deepen our faith we gather for worship, bible study, fellowship and prayer. We actively enable children and young people to explore their faith
  • In the current climate crisis, we are responding to God’s command to care for creations by working passionately to become a ‘green church. 

November 2022              


Sundays at 10.30 

Holy communion 1st Sunday of each month