What is Pilots?
Pilots is a non uniformed programme aimed at children and young people aged 5-13 of all faiths/none.

What are the aims of Vine Pilots company?
– To reach out to the local community through children and young people and build relationships between local families.
– To provide a flexible programme for children and young people which is fun, informative, educational and allows children and young people to learn and express themselves through creative means such as art and craft.
– To provide a programme which allows children and young people to build friendships with each other and learn to not only be understanding but inclusive of each other regardless of faith, spirituality, culture and ethnicity..
– To develop leadership by providing volunteering opportunities/work experience for young people and young adults in the local community.

When do Vine Pilots meet?
Vine Pilots company meets every second Saturday of the month from 2-4pm.

What do Pilots do when they meet?
Our Programme follows a theme for each month. Children and Young People participate in group games, stories and art & craft activities with light refreshments offered.

Who are the leaders?
Our leaders consist of a group of volunteers who are Helpers/Young Leaders (aged 14-17) and Leaders (18+) from the local community. All leaders are DBS checked.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact us.