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Welcome to Vine United Reformed Church, Ilford

Welcome to the Vine United Reformed Church website. We hope you�ll enjoy looking around and discovering many new features.

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As a multicultural Church, the URC affirms its reforming, uniting and non-conforming ethos, intentionally committing itself to an intercultural journey that calls us to embody God's love, live God's word, promote God's justice, and practice expansive hospitality,� the Jesus way.

 affirming that the human family is one race, consisting of people of diverse ethnicities and cultures

 rejoicing in and treasuring all of the variety of gifting of the human family

 committing itself to welcoming ALL people into the community of faith

 promoting God's justice for the whole of creation;

 growing deep and wide while enriching every aspect of our life together

 opposing, challenging and rejecting the sin of racism and related forms of prejudice






We are a Multicultural Church

The United Reformed Church believes in the ministry of the whole people of God: women and men, young and old, ordained and lay.
Whilst we recognise particular ministries we are committed to supporting and developing the wide variety of ministry that is exercised by and on behalf of the members of the United Reformed Church.

About The United Reformed Church

Our mission is to share the Good News of God�s Love for all,

Especially in Ilford through Churches coming together